OPM One-Stop Service

We have good production conditions of health food, supplies, cosmetics, disinfection and sterilization products and related important raw materials, and a 100,000-level GMP production workshop built in accordance with national standards. We have mature product formulas, top-level production equipment, strict quality inspection, reasonable processing costs, and high-quality full-service. We will provide customers with more intimate and comprehensive services and a variety of processing cooperation methods with our professional knowledge, expert team, industry experience and resources. You do not have to bear the cost of plant equipment, production and development costs, management training costs, maintenance and repair costs. You can reduce investment costs, save manpower and material resources, shorten time to market, and expand profit margins, while ensuring product quality is mature and the market returns quickly.

What are we doing?

  • 01. Customers bring their own brands and provide packaging materials, and the rest are provided by us (such as formulas, product processing, etc.);
  • 02.We provide customers with a full range of services from registered brands to product processing;
  • 03. We directly sell formulas of high-quality products and charge processing fees for each production;
  • 04. We directly provide agents or wholesales of existing brand products;
  • 05. Other methods can be negotiated.

What our team can do for you

Brand concept design, product structure design, product name, capacity, function, efficacy, usage design, brand image design, outer packaging, inner packaging, label design,
Provide various quality and style product packaging materials, barcodes, quality inspection reports, production licenses, investment promotion, terminal meetings and various conference marketing models and planning, a large team of famous lecturer resources

What you need to do is to motivate the team and enjoy the results

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